Articles about adolescent children

  • Fussy eaters

    It’s natural to worry whether your child is getting enough food if they refuse to eat sometimes. But it’s perfectly normal for toddlers to refuse to eat or even taste new foods. Do not worry about what your child eats in a day or if they do not eat everything at mealtimes. It’s more helpful…

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  • Making the most of outdoor play

    For many of us, as children, outdoor play would take up a large part of our day. We’d climb trees, play hide-and-seek, and kick a ball around the park until the sun went down. However, these days, children are less likely to spend time outdoors, which means they’re missing out on vital health benefits, such…

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  • Building your child’ language through everyday routines 

    Language is the foundation of communication and helps your child express themselves, understand the world around them and connect with others. Rather than worry about setting an academic structure for your child to develop their language skills, you can seek out opportunities in your everyday routines and it can slot right in to your day-to-day…

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  • 99 ways to help your child communicate

    Communication is a vital part of our daily interactions, and it’s especially crucial for children to develop this skill as it influences their socialisation and academic success. However, not all children come equipped with inherent communication abilities, which makes it necessary for parents to lend their support to help them develop and sharpen this skill.…

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  • 27 ways to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays

    Looking for some cheap and fun ways to keep your kids entertained and mentally stimulated during the school holidays? Look no further! Here are 27 ideas that will engage your children and promote learning:  There are so many cheap and entertaining ways to keep your kids engaged and learning during school holidays. Don’t be afraid…

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