Chatterboxes Week 1 Monday

Age 2–4


Read ‘Octopants’ to your little ones using the copy you have received from The Book Trust or watch this video:

As you either read or watch the story together with your child, point things out and encourage interaction from your child. For example, “Here is the octopus. He’s got lots of legs, shall we count them?” or “Look at his face, he looks a little bit worried. Can you make a worried face?”

1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur

Ask your child to pretend to be a dinosaur. Ask them, “are you a big dinosaur or a small dinosaur?”, “can you copy Tom and the other dinosaurs doing all the actions?” and “can you jump, roar, swish, sway, stomp and chomp?”

If you have the room, think about building a den to read in.

Age 4-5

The Runaway Pea

Talk about how the Runaway Pea was feeling in each part of the story. Introduce describing words to your child like excited, surprised, worried, frightened, confused, relieved, tired, weary, exhausted, delightedAsk your child if they can make the faces for each of these different feelings.

Draw a story map together using simple pictures to represent what happened in the story and then use it to re-tell the story together.