Chatterboxes Week 2 Thursday

Age 2–3

Make a bear cave with your child, indoors or outdoors using blankets and cushions. Can your child put their teddy ‘in’ or ‘under’ things? Can they explain where the teddy was hiding? Help your child to build sentences using new vocabulary by rephrasing what they say and giving them good models of grammar. Comment about what your child has done such as “Wow! This is a narrow, gloomy cave. Your big bear is so well hidden in the dark.”

Make some binoculars and ask your child to tell you what they can see.

Age 3–4

Hold a Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

Make sandwiches with your child and help them to follow instructions.

Talk about cutting your sandwiches in half. How many pieces are there? What shape are they? Can you spot any other shapes at your picnic? What shape are the plates? Can you see any squares or triangles?

Help to develop your child’s memory by playing a Memory Game. Put some items on a tray and cover them with a tea towel. Take something away and see if your child can tell you what’s missing. If they struggle to remember, you can give them clues by describing the item that is missing.

Age 4–5

Make your own ‘Bear Hunt’ scene by collecting things from outdoors and setting them out on an old tray or board. Talk to your child about how things look, smell, sound and feel.