Chatterboxes Week 2 Wednesday

Age 2–3

Make a bear mask from a paper plate.

Use the things your child collected on your bear hunt and ask them to retell the story to others.

Age 3–4

Paint a picture of a bear with your child. Talk about the colours and ask them what extra details they could add to their painting such as the sun or a tree. Following this, Talk to your child about the picture they create and ask them to tell you what everything is. 

Model past tense verbs/action words to your child, for example “Look what you’ve painted” or “You pressed your finger onto the paper”.

How many Teddy Bear songs do you know?

Age 4–5

Have fun playing with the sound effects from the story. This will help your child to link sounds with the words.

Take your child on a walk to your local park or outdoor area. Can you find similar experiences from the story and recreate the sounds.

Use different voices for the different emotions in the story.