Chatterboxes Week 3 Friday

Age 2–3

Sing songs and nursery rhymes that will make your child laugh. Use actions too as these will help your child to make links with new vocabulary.

Speaking more than one language has lots of advantages for children. If your child is learning English as an additional language, it is important for your child to continue to use their home language, experiencing songs from their own cultural background.

Age 3–4

Share the story again and ask your child some questions.

For example:

  • Why is Squiggle feeling sad? (Encourage your child to use “because”, for example, “because she’s lost her giggle”)
  • Who is holding the map?
  • What are Jackson and Squiggle looking for?
  • What colour are the poppies?
  • How did they find their way home?

Age 4–5

Act out another adventure.

Listen for words that have the same sound. Can you spot any that rhyme?

Join in with the actions – walk, swish, march, creep, etc. How does Ellie feel during the story? Can you copy her feelings?

Help your child to problem solve.

Stop the video before each problem and ask your child to think of ways to help.

  • How can Ellie get past the grass?
  • How can Ellie get across the lake?
  • How will Ellie get out of the mud?