Chatterboxes Week 5 Friday

Age 2–3

Make a Gruffalo sock puppet.

Play an imaginary cooking game. Can you remember the different foods that the Gruffalo likes to eat?

Age 3–4

Go for a stroll in one of our parks or green spaces.

Take a bag and collect some things to make a house for an animal, e.g. twigs and stones? What will your animal need to stay warm? Use some leaves and twigs when you get home to make some pictures. You’ll just need some paper and some PVA glue.

Age 4–5

Share the story again and ask your child about where things are, for example “Where is the fox standing?”, “What can you see behind the rocks?” or “Who lives under the ground?”. Can your child talk about position to describe where things are?

Play a game with your child’s favourite toys and give each other instructions about where to hide them.