Chatterboxes Week 5 Wednesday

Age 2–3

Help your child learn new words by making a memory game. Think about the new words that you want them to learn, for example “jaws”, “claws”, “tusks”, “prickles” etc. Draw each picture twice and cut into separate cards.

You could use the backs of old birthday cards and cut them in half. Place them face down on the table or floor. Take turns at turning one over at a time and see if you can find the matching picture. Make sure you give your child lots of praise when they find the matching pairs.

Age 3–4

Make a meal for the Gruffalo. Find a selection of food that your child likes to eat. Name the food and add some describing words, e.g. “yellow cheese”, “crunchy apple”, “little grapes”. Add some resources, e.g. a potato peeler, a knife (explain to your child how to use the equipment safely and make sure they are supervised).

Introduce action words like “cutting”, “peeling” etc.  Then ask your child to describe the food. Use opportunities to model grammar correctly to your child, for example, if your child says “I eated it”, you can say “That’s right, you ate the apple”.

Age 4–5

Play a sorting game. Find pictures of different animals. You can cut them out of magazines or leaflets. Talk about different types of creatures and help your child sort them into different groups. The talk to your child about the similarities and differences between them.