Chatterboxes Week 6 Wednesday

Age 2–3

Encourage your child to use their imagination by pretending to be different animals. Can you demonstrate the movements and sounds of each animal? How do the animals use their bodies to move?

Make easy animal masks from paper plates. Which animal would you like to be? Use the masks to act out the story of ‘Dear Zoo’.

Age 3–4

Read ‘Starting School’ by Allan Ahlberg – a brilliant story about the first term at school.

Play a game to prepare your child for what school might look like.

Age 4–5

If your child is going into Reception or Year 1 they may be feeling a little worried. ‘The Colour Monster Goes to School’ book is great for talking about emotions. Share it together and ask how your child is feeling.

Play a game to help your child prepare for what school might look like.