Where to get help

Getting help as soon as you need it can stop problems from developing into something more serious.

Early Attachment

Whether you are a mum or a dad, parenthood brings with it complex new relationships and challenging experiences that can be hard to manage.

Oldham early attachment service works to understand and support the relationship between you and your baby.

Mental health support 

Being a parent is often challenging. As a new parent, you can be filled with anxiety about how best to look after your little one. As they grow, you will start to worry about their mental health and well-being. Whatever concerns you have, we’re here to support you.

Breastfeeding support and help with infant feeding

Breastfeeding is the most natural and beneficial way to nourish your baby, providing all the vital nutrients and immune-boosting properties that cannot be replicated with formula feeding. But breastfeeding can be challenging, and we are here to support and empower you to overcome any obstacles you’re facing.

Help with addiction

You can get help with drug or alcohol issues by contact Turning Point:

Domestic abuse

Get support if you’re experiencing domestic violence, contact the Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline:

  • Phone: 0800 254 0909


If you are homeless now, or think you will be homeless soon, the most important thing is to get advice as soon as possible.

You can contact our Housing Options team by telephone, email, or by completing the Housing Assistance Referral Portal form:

Money problems

If you’re struggling financially and not sure who you will make ends meet, contact the council’s Helpline on 0161 770 7007. 

Accessing help as early as possible can improve your child’s wellbeing and home life, and reduce the risk of them being harmed or needing support from a social worker.

If you think you need help but not sure who to contact, speak to your health visitor or text ChatHealth.