Health visiting

Once you welcome your little one into the world, you will be automatically referred to the Health Visiting team. Your health visitor will play an essential role in supporting you, promoting a healthy start to life and providing advice on a range of issues, from feeding and sleeping to child development. Health Visitors are part of the Right Start team. 

Your health visitor will visit you in your home when your baby is between 10 and 14 days old, and then continue to offer support and advice at regular intervals. You can also contact your local health visiting team directly if you need advice or want to book an appointment.  

Oldham’s health visitors can connect you with people and resources that can help you. This includes linking you in with bundles of information from the Essential Parent website.

You can book a health visitor appointment by contacting your local Family Hub or children’s centre.

Chat Health

If you don’t have time for a face-to-face appointment, or you prefer to speak by text, you can get support from your local health visitors and school nurses via our confidential text service Chat Health (we will respond within 24 hours from Monday to Friday).

Parents of children under five can text 07480 635990

Parents of school-aged children (age 5 to 19) can text 07507 330499

Advice for teens (age 11-19 years) can text 07480 635992