Play ideas for a rainy day 

Are you tired of hearing your kids say, “I’m bored” whenever the weather turns bad? Don’t worry; you’re not alone!

As a parent, keeping your kids entertained while playing in all weather conditions can be a challenging task. However, with some planning and creativity, you can turn dreary days into memorable adventures. Here’s an Oldham parent’s guide to playing outdoors in all weathers. 

Rainy days 

With the waterproof coat and warm clothes, you and your kids can still have fun in the rain. Suit up in waterproof jackets, boots, and hats, and head outside. Play in the puddles and make mud pies or go on a rain treasure hunt. Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits. 

  • Visit a museum: Oldham has a range of museums to explore, including the Oldham LocalStudies and Archive, Saddleworth Museum, and Oldham Gallery 
  • Go to the cinema: Catch a movie at Odeon Cinemas or the small cinema inside Oldham Library. 
  • Visit an indoor playground: Oldham’s Play Oldham, Royton Park Project and Hopwood Hall College Sports Centre all host indoor play areas. 
  • Swim: Take a dip at one of Oldham Community Leisure’s sports centres 
  • Escape into reading: The Oldham Library and Heritage Centre offers a wide range of children’s books, games, and puzzles, alongside interactive zones and art materials. Find out how to join Oldham Libraries 
  • Visit Brookside Miniature Railway: While not a huge destination, you can ride the miniature train and explore the scenic surroundings. 
  • Visit Summit Up: As one of the best climbing facilities in the country, Summit Up has climbing sessions to suit every ability. It even has indoor soft play and sessions for children with SEND, so there’s something for everyone. 

Snowy days 

With Oldham’s unpredictable weather, winter snow is a possibility even in March. When the snow falls, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or go sledding. Just be sure to bundle up in warm layers before going outdoors. 

Windy days 

For some, windy days can be annoying; but, for kids, they present the perfect opportunity teach your kids how to fly a kite and enjoy the fresh air. Head to Tandle Hill Park, Crompton Moor or Daisy Nook Country Park 

Sunny days 

On sunny days, Oldham has plenty of parks for picnics and ball games. Alexandra Park has a great play area with a boating lake and the newly reopened conservatory, meanwhile Chadderton Hall Park has fantastic countryside views. Sunscreen and hats are essential to keep your kids safe in the sun.  

Cloudy days 

When playing outside on rainy days, take breaks and warm up indoors in between playing sessions. Look for bugs, speak about the flowers and trees and talk about what helps things to grow. This is a great opportunity to build your child’s vocabulary and understand more about the world as they explore.  

If it’s a bit too cold, you can also incorporate indoor activities like baking, knitting, or board games. You can also explore Oldham’s attractions such as art galleries, libraries, or museums. Oldham Library and Heritage Centre has dedicated areas for children or visit the fantastic Saddleworth Museum. 


Whatever the weather, with these tips, you can keep your kids entertained and create lifelong memories. Find out about Oldham’s local parks, countryside and canals