mother and father playing with their baby

Speech development

Welcome to our page dedicated to the importance of speech, language, and communication in children! 

At an early stage in their life, children begin to communicate with their surroundings through different forms of language and communication. 

It’s crucial for everyone in a child’s life – parents, educators, and caretakers – to understand how important early language development is in children. Speech, language, and communication not only form a vital part of daily life but can also have a significant impact on their future successes. 

Children develop language skills at different rates, but playing an active role in your child’s communication will help identify any speech and language problems early, and ask for help. 

Our Let’s Get Oldham Talking pages offer practical ideas based on your child’s age that can be carried out at home to encourage their communication skills and help them get talking. These tips may include activities, games, or techniques that stimulate language development and create a vocabulary-rich environment for children.